Toilets. They’re the workhorse in your home. The butt of many jokes, toilets get taken for granted – until they stop doing their job. Then nobody is laughing.
Toilets have many components that have to work together for the toilet to function properly. – There’s the fill valve, the flapper, the handle, the weep holes around the toilet rim, the gasket on the bottom, the gasket between the bowl and the tank. Instead of just making a quick fix on one item, we always look at all of the components to see how they are interacting.
A toilet can nickel and dime you if you aren’t careful. Replacing the whole toilet is often the most cost-efficient solution.
1. The toilet leaks at the base and/or it’s loose to the floor.
If the toilet is wobbly and rocks from front to back or you hear a squishing sound when you sit on it, your toilet is giving you a heads up that the wax seal/flange that attaches the toilet to the floor has failed. Once this seal has been compromised, water will slowly leak around the floor and may even cause rotting. You need to get the problem fixed immediately. It can potentially cause major damage to your home if you don’t get it resolved.
2. The toilet sounds like it’s running constantly.
If you hear running water or your toilet sounds like it’s flushing when you haven’t used it, there could be water leaking out of the tank into the bowl or the fill valve may be faulty. A toilet that continues to run water into the bowl wastes gallons and gallons of water over a 24 hour period and is detrimental to your septic system and water bill. Either way, we should have a look at it before it becomes a costly problem.
3. The toilet doesn’t flush properly.
Normally this happens in an older toilet that isn’t a high-performance flushing model. We can take care of the problem by just replacing the whole toilet with a newer, better one.
A toilet’s flushing power is measured by how many grams of bean paste can be flushed at once. A top tier toilet can flush 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds) of bean paste with a single push of the handle.
At a bare minimum, we recommend a toilet that can flush 600 to 800 grams. Toilets that can only flush 250 grams may have an appealing price tag but be prepared to keep a plunger handy.

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